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Mobile Tracking is an essential feature of the Mobile Tracker service. It is specifically optimized to track mobile device activity, even if the mobile hardware device is an older model and does not properly load website contents. Unlike other services that offer website statistics analysis that are purely based on a JavaScript tracking implementation such as Google Analytics, Yahoo!

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Web Analytics, Clicky, woopra, Site Meter, Shinystat, and other providers , Mobile Tracker functions as a website analytics tool that captures and provides the device tracking information on a wider variety mobile and desktop computer users. It also allow controlling visitor traffic and Block and redirect IP addresses. How to start tracking website visitor activity.

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To start capturing real-time website visitor activity you will need to follow these steps: Register Mobile Tracker account Login to your account and create a tracking project which will generate a visitor device tracker code Install the visitor device tracker code in the header or a footer of your web page Login to your Mobile Tracker account and view the statistics in real-time. The mobile tracker system is designed to track a wide range of devices. The list below shows some of the most popular mobile phones and portable computers that are capable of downloading information from Internet.

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Some of these devices do not fully support JavaScripts but still can be successfully tracked with Mobile Tracker. The Mobile Tracker is self adapting.

Guide : How to Activate and Use Samsung Advance Mobile Tracker

It captures new devices, extracts device identification strings and continues to track even the most recent mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer models. Login ID:. Enter the new password again and press the Confirm key. Scroll left or right to On.

Select a number if necessary. How to access your lost phone If a remote phone has the mobile tracker 2. Enter the mobile tracker password of the remote phone and scroll down. Select Get Contact Entry.

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Enter the name of the contact you want to retrieve and press the Confirm key. Select Delete User Data.

Select Get Location Information. Guide to access your lost phone from a phone without Advanced mobile tracker. Leave a comment.