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They need to do things like Run invisibly. Android spy apps need to see what every other app on the phone is doing. These special apps need to grab the text messages and information from those apps too. Because these apps need so much control over the phone many of them need the Android device to be rooted.

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You should avoid spy apps that need you to root your Android device. First of all rooting an Android device is not easy. Rooting an android device basically removes a lot of built in security. When Google does an Android update you need to re-root the device too. You should avoid any android spy apps for a cheating spouse that tell you to root the device. There are other apps out there too but you want to pick someoone who will be around for the long haul. Consider Spectoroft. They had a good product at one time called Eblaster Mobile but decided to stop making and support it.

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To catch a cheating spouse you will need to get a hold of their phone. You will need their pass-code too to get into the phone. Using an android spy app like pcTattletale you can catch your cheating spouse without needing to root the device either. Here are the exact steps to putting pcTattletale on an Android phone and catching your spouse cheating.

It is how you can use pcTattletale as an android spy apps for a cheating spouse. Go head and follow along on your own android phone or just use this as a guide when you have a few minutes alone with your spouses phone TIP: Do this while they are sleeping.

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  4. Download pcTattletale. You can get an email sent to you with the download links.

    Alternatively you can open their Google chrome browser pick incognito mode and type in this address:. But with Android you still can download apps not in the Google play store. Just check this box when downloading. Then you can download and install the pcTattletale android spy app:.


    The app will ask you click a few boxes and tell Android to give some extra permissions. Nothing too difficult. Make a free account and you can try pcTattletale absolutely free. See for yourself how easy it is to spy on your spouse. After you make your free account pcTattletale has it hooks into your spouses Android phone. The app icon will disappear and it will be very hard for them to know the spy app is on their phone.

    With pctattletle on their Android phone you can now see everything they do. It is one of the best android spy apps for a cheating spouse. It makes YouTube like movies of them using their phone. You can watch them type out text messages or chat it up with an X on facebook. Even if they use incognito mode with their browser or delete messages you will see them do it. Notice the click chart at the bottom.

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    If shows you when and how active they are on the phone. But it is the movie you will be most interested in. The pcTattletale Android movies works just like any other video player. Use the progreess bar to advance to different parts of it. With pcTattletale you will definitely know what your spouse is up to Right away.

    Typically within a day.

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    If they are cheating on you you will know with you. You will see gut-wrenching conversations that might be really difficult to believe and read. Just pick the day to view it. If the day is grayed out it means nothing was recorded.

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